TCAF was a blast. I don’t know if I’ll get to recap it soon, but I posted some of the sweet birthday gifts people dropped off. I seriously don’t even know what to say, you guys are the best!

I haven’t had time to make a new Phuzzy Comic, but I do have a bunch of prints, mini comics, and this fancy random Dinosaur comic you see above, redone from my no spoilers elimination episode of Strip Search.

So much has happened, and I predict more is coming this weekend! Thank you guys for the kind words regarding Strip Search, it means a lot to me. If my latest work isn’t proof enough, Strip Search has motivated me to do MORE COMICS IN BETTER QUALITY FOREVER!! You can buy a copy of the Dino comic from my store, or from me in person at ACEN.

Anybody attending ACEN this weekend, I’ll be at booth 138! Come by for some sweet Phuzzy swag! Here’s a Godoka print/wallpaper that I’ll have for sale exclusively at ACEN.