I threw everybody at Marshtomp’s mercy so that Lucky could survive. Even now, I still think I did the right thing…

So big news! I got a storyboarding job and will be moving to LA in December, in addition to some other projects still in the works. The Trenches has started up again, and I sent off a bunch of goodies to Desert Bus including that fancy sketchbook! More drawings from the sketchbook can be found on my tumblr.

With all the good stuff that’s been happening, Phuzzy Comics had to be put on the side for a bit. I don’t know what my schedule will be like in the coming months, but I’m committed to a lot of cool things next year! I can’t wait for you all to see them :D

OH YEA AND THE PHUZZY BOOK IS NOW IN THE STORE!! I’ve mailed off all the physical rewards (minus the personal commissions), so now you can GET ONE.