If you guys haven’t checked out Two Headed Giant, I’ll be playing some games with them this week!

The past month I’ve had to explain to all my friends what a Nuzlocke challenge is, but even those who are familiar with it aren’t sure what rules I’m following! So here you guys go:

-Treat fainted Pokemon like they’re dead and release them
-Only catch the first Pokemon in each area (this means caves as well)

There are nightmare rules for crazy people who like suffering but I’m just here to enjoy myself!! I will say that I’m super impatient and that’s gotten a lot of good Pokes killed, but if they can’t fight Pokemon their own level that’s just natural selection. NO REGRETS.

Also, the Phuzzy Books have begun to ship! The higher tiers aren’t finished being packed, but expect your Phuzzy Books sooonnn! Once I get every order from the Indiegogo sent out, I can put them in the online store. I really need a labor monkey for this stuff.