Driving in the city always stresses me out! With the one-way streets and all the different kinds of parking signs and other cars that are very close to me aaAAGH! But that makes me super paranoid, thus a great driver! I do scream sometimes though.

I was recently in a podcast, the Epiloguists, talking about gender and feminism in comics, movies, video games, etc! It was a fun discussion, and I wish I’d prepared more because I’m so embarrassed to express MY OPINIONS. Dan, Elliot, Andrew and Aura are so fun to chat with, I’m glad they let me in on this episode!

Also, if anybody knows how to remove lots of comments from an SQL database, I’d appreciate any suggestions in the comments section. My site got hit with a ton of spam trackbacks, which I’ve disabled, but some comics have over 100 of these comments and I can only go through em in 20’s through WP admin.