Here are a few of the commissioned pieces I did at ACEN. That makes two back-to-back conventions that I survived while stupidly sick. JAWESOME.

I have to shout out to all the peeps that visited my booth and were the coolest people on earth. I received so many nice things from people, including: two boxes of sour patch kids, an adorable felt Sheep I’m gonna use whenever I play Catan, a Madoka figurine, and some really sweet letters/pictures. Also, everyone who bought a commission from me! You guys rock!

This coming weekend I have to attend a wedding, and the following weekend I am MOVING. HURRAY! Phuzzy Comics will be back to normal after this month I promise!

The Phuzzy Books are being pushed back to July, since I have been totally unable to make progress with it since May started. While I spend the next week recovering, at least I have this pink Heracross Mary Cagle drew to make me feel better.